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Rare & Valuable

There is science behind every international auction, such as our sophisticated technology and authentication services, but there is also an art to it. We really build excitement at our auctions for rare and valuable items. So much so, that sellers are often times astounded and absolutely thrilled with the amazing prices they receive. We like it when we can exceed people’s expectations.


As the region’s top seller of lake properties, we have made it a point to understand their value and how to best manage their sale. From those on quiet fishing lakes to ones on popular sporting lakes, we’ve produced great results for our sellers.


Our company specializes in the sale of farmland and related property including collectible tractors and modern ag and construction equipment. Sellers appreciate our unique multi-parcel bidding software, which gives buyers more options and helps increase sale proceeds.


Sellers of quality residential homes throughout the region often compliment us on our well-organized and effective sales process. Fueled by a robust marketing system, homeowners are able to realize the fair market value of their real estate and other property in a timely manner.

Investment Properties

We often have heard from our sellers how amazed they are at the results we produce on investment-grade real estate. The buyers are out there and we know how to attract them.


Commercial properties can be prone to languishing on the market for months, even years. From retail to office to manufacturing spaces, we have a great track record in selling these properties. We identify the best prospects for the property and get them interested and engaged. As a result, our sellers have experienced quick sales at fair market value.

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