We understand that for many people, the purchase and sale of real estate and personal property are the largest transactions in their lifetime. We understand the client’s goals are to maximize their financial interest in their property in a smart and timely manner. It is our goal to be a team of professionals offering experience, care & consideration, education, sound strategies, options, quality service, use of technology, and great communication to help them achieve this. 

We are the market leader and we believe we are the most trusted company in our industry. We think “outside the box” and find creative, successful solutions to get the best results. We offer the most comprehensive group of services related to the sale of your tangible assets and the transition to your new home. 

These services include:

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Packing & Moving

We still boast that we are “The world’s most comprehensive senior relocation service.” We can pack you, move you, sell your home, and sell your personally property & valuable collections internationally for fair market value – ALL IN 30 TO 40 DAYS! But if all you want is a thoughtful, affordable team to treat you and your belongings with kid gloves and move you to your new home, we are happy to take good care of you. Our movers have been with us for many years and have a golden reputation. So when you hire us to pack and move you, we believe you’re getting the best team around.

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We have a designated team of professionals who handle our real estate and personal property appraisals. We offer residential, commercial, farm and lake property appraisers, as well as GPPA certified personal property appraisers. Before you sell your real estate and personal property, you owe it to yourself to learn what it is worth and what your options are for getting the best results. What you don’t know can hurt you. Our only goal is to give you the facts based on our research and experience. From there you can make an informed decision, without any obligation.

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Antique & Personal Property Sales

Many of our clients are entering retirement, and we’ve come to treasure the satisfaction we get from helping them convert their homes and personal belongings into retirement assets. We know the outcome will be better if they auction it all together, rather than trying to individually sell their belongings prior to auction day. A better final result means a stronger foundation for their retirement years. Whether our clients are retiring or not, we handle personal property auctions of any tangible assets, including vehicles, boats, construction, farm and heavy equipment, antiques, collectibles, general household items, coins, jewelry, art, and collections of all kinds.

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Real Estate Sales

The decision every home or business owner has to make is how to sell their real estate. Because we are licensed to do traditional real estate sales as well as auctions, we are in a position to give our clients all the information they need to make their best decision. We can also offer valuable pricing strategies, because of our unique business structure. A common myth is that real estate auctions are risky. The key word here is myth. We will show you what to expect before you even partner with us, with detailed, factual information. Knowing what day you are going to sell your property and knowing how much you are going to get for it - what’s risky about that? Whatever you decide, we provide real estate sales and auctions of residential homes, lake properties, farms, commercial, and investment properties. We are very experienced in high value properties, most of which our clients choose to sell at auction.

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Waterfront Properties

As the region’s top seller of lake properties, we have made it a point to understand their value and how to best manage their sale. From homes on quiet fishing lakes to those on popular sporting lakes, we’ve produced great results for our sellers.

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Even though we’ve been doing auctions since 1998, we don’t fit the image of old-time auctioneers. We have the experience to help you get the most from the sale of your real estate and personal property, but we also employ the latest advantages of technology to maximize your results. Auction day is always exciting, but our behind-the-scenes work is really why we excel at what we do. Being a successful auctioneer is both an art and a science. The art is in the creativity we bring to marketing and promoting your auction, as well as in the way we treat our relationships with everyone we touch. The science is in the processes we’ve built, that ensure the efficient use of every resource it takes to make your auction a success. This well-rounded approach to our business has helped us grow by helping our clients get great results.

You Deserve White Glove Care

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