Scheerer McCulloch brings new life to the old Lantern

Having grown out of their previous auction and office space, Scheerer McCulloch began the search for a new home in 2015. They were thrilled to find exactly what they were looking for in The Lantern, one of Fort Wayne’s most beloved event spaces and landmarks. By late summer 2016, the renovations were well underway and the company had moved into the 15,000 square foot facility.

Adding 18 large screen monitors for easy viewing and new display cases to secure high value items has enhanced the quality of the auction experience for attendees. And with 120 parking spaces available, there is room for everyone.

Being able to offer multiple auctions at once, catering each event and making the check-in and check-out processes easier have also helped with the success of the auctions held so far in the new space. Future plans include a cafe, non-profit fundraisers, corporate partnerships and more regularly scheduled auctions.

If you haven’t attended an auction at The Lantern yet, feel free to stop by during regular business hours to see the space and inquire about auctioning some of your own valuable items.