Peabody Home Foundation Endowment Auction

Scheerer McCulloch was honored to help the Peabody Home Foundation turn their large private collection of art, antiques and other collectibles into an endowment fund to support the residents of their retirement community. 

The auction, which took place August 22, 2015, drew hundreds of collectors from the midwest and received more than 14,000 hits online. The results of this once-in-a-lifetime live and online auction shattered expectations, as museum curators, private collectors, and art gallery owners descended upon North Manchester. 

More than 250 lots of fine antiques – from classic copper weathervanes, to original Hummel figurines dating back to the 1930s, to timeless pieces of classic furniture and crystal – were auctioned. The most impressive results, however, were for the 21 original Homer G. Davisson paintings available for the first time on the open market.

More than $156,000 was generated from the sale of the artwork, alone. The “Woman Boating on the Pond” painting sold for over $24,000, a new auction house record for a Davisson. The average sales price of the paintings was over $7,000, another new record for an average price for a Davisson. All had received online bids before the start of the live auction. 

The Peabody Endowment Auction far exceeded everyone's expectations, and we were proud to be a part of it.