An Introduction

Happy New Year from the Scheerer McCulloch team. With the new year comes new goals and one of Scheerer McCulloch's is the rollout of our Blog Space. My name is Justin Wiser and I recently finished my first ninety (90) days with the team. I spent the fourth (4th) quarter of 2021 learning about our company and our two (2) divisions: (i) Senior Relocation Services and (ii) Auction Services. I have trained with our senior relocation teams on household goods moves and the cataloging teams preparing for auction launches, I have conducted open houses for our real estate auctions and I have spent a significant amount of time learning about and getting to know the senior communities in Central Indiana.

Auctions and Senior Relocation Services

One of the biggest takeaways from my first ninety (90) days is the impressive way our two (2) divisions complement each other. Our president, Tim McCulloch, founded Scheerer McCulloch in 1991. He did so as an experienced auctioneer excited and motivated to start his own company. He purchased a moving truck and got to work. From the start, our company has focused on helping seniors with their transitions and that remains our core mission today. We offer comprehensive senior relocation services helping parents and grandparents move into senior living communities (independent living, assisted living etc.). Seniors transitioning to their new communities often face the challenge of downsizing, notably downsizing from homes they have likely lived in for the majority of their lives. This likely means there are a lot of personal property items and not enough room in the new home, whether it is a motor vehicle or collections of antiques and collectibles gathered and cherished over the years. Additionally, the task of packing and moving everything can be a challenging and stressful ordeal for anyone, let alone for seniors who may face limitations they did not have when they were younger. As such, our Senior Relocation teams provide an incredibly helpful and efficient service that allows our clients to focus on other important aspects of the transition. You can learn more about our senior relocation services on our website: Indiana Senior Relocation | Scheerer McCulloch | Indiana Auctions, Real Estate, Senior Relocation Services.

In comes our Auction Division, which conducts personal property auctions for the items not going to the new home and real estate auctions for the home. The benefits of a real estate auction include a cash-only buyer, awarded to the highest bidder, and the home is purchased without contingencies like financing and inspections. Our real estate auctions remain live, in-person events and they are very exciting to watch. Our personal property auctions have shifted almost entirely to online and they have been performing very well for our clients. Our team performs valuable cataloging and marketing services with the goal of achieving a successful sale of your personal property and real estate. You can learn more about our auctions at Real Estate Property Auctions | Scheerer McCulloch | Indiana Auctions, Real Estate, Senior Relocation Services (real estate) and Scheerer McCulloch | Indiana Auctions, Real Estate, Senior Relocation Services (personal property).

These two (2) divisions allow Scheerer McCulloch to offer comprehensive relocation services driven by dedicated team members with decades of experience. It has been great getting to know the team in Fort Wayne and the Fort Wayne community. And it is exciting to be a part of a successful family-focused business. I look forward to discussing all aspects of these services in future posts.

Proud to Work with Seniors

Another takeaway I would like to share is the reward of working with seniors. In getting to know representatives from the senior communities, I have quickly learned that working with seniors is a calling. I have found the senior care professionals to be very welcoming and passionate about taking care of their residents. I look forward to growing my network and continuing to learn more about the industry.

Closing Note About the Author

My background is unique. I practiced as a litigation attorney in Indianapolis for the past six (6) years. Prior to law school, I served in the U.S. Navy working as a journalist and later as a paralegal for Navy JAG (Judge Advocate’s General Corps) officers on military installations and onboard ships. I bring this vast and diverse experience to my new role as Senior Vice President and I will be focused on the Indianapolis market.

I look forward to sharing my insights on auctions, senior relocation services, the senior community and working in-house as an attorney through Wiser Posts. I hope that these posts will be educational and entertaining.  Thank you for reading.

Very respectfully,

Justin Wiser