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Fort Wayne

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Tim McCulloch



Partner, Real Estate and Personal Property Auctioneer, Appraiser, Real Estate Broker

Tim McCulloch has been in the auction business for over 40 years, and started his own company in 1997. Since then, he has expanded his services to include senior relocations, appraisals, auctioning real estate and personal property, traditional real estate sales and international online auctions.

Tim enjoys meeting many types of people, and being able to educate and find solutions for his clients. Helping them make financial gains is the icing on the cake for him. He also gets satisfaction from helping charitable organizations in their fundraising efforts.

When he’s not working, Tim likes spending time with his two young sons, watching sports and participating in tennis and yoga.

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Lisa McCulloch

Consignment Assistant/Designer

Lisa has been with us since 2009, and has become very knowledgable and skilled in the consignment end of our business. She loves the exposure to the treasures, antiques and collections that clients bring to us, as well as photographing and doing the research about them before putting them online.

Lisa is the mother of 3 boys, and enjoys spending time with her family, staying fit and scrapbooking.

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David Meyers

Real Estate Agent/Auctioneer


Real Estate and Personal Property Auctioneer, Appraiser, Real Estate Broker (IN, MI)

David joined the company in 2008 as sales manager for the lakes regions of Indiana and Michigan. Since that time, we have been able to help many families auction their waterfront homes and personal belongings, and we have David to thank for the growth of our business in that area.

David has a keen interest in the unique homes and belongings he encounters in his work. Having spent his childhood on the lake, this is where he feels most at home. He also likes helping people get value from their belongings when the time comes to downsize.

When he’s not working, David loves working on home projects and landscaping. He and his wife, Elizabeth, have 4 children and are looking forward to living on Lake Michigan someday.

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Stacy Hirschy

Auctioneer/Auction Assistant

Member IAA, Licensed Auctioneer since 1982

Stacy is licensed to lead auctions in Indiana, Ohio, and Florida and holds 5 licenses. He has been working with Scheerer McCulloch Auctioneers since 2009.

He auctions Real Estate personal property & cars& enjoys the diversity of his work,knowing that no two days are exactly alike.  In his spare time Stacy likes spending time on the Barbee chain of lakes with his family and attending church at the Chapel in Fort Wayne. Also enjoys all sporting events.

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Justin Shirley

Moving and Auction Support

Justin Shirley joined us in August 2014 to provide packing, moving and auction set-up support. He now calls himself the Swiss Army Knife of the company, being willing and able to jump in and do whatever needs to be done on any given day in preparation and follow-up to our auctions.

What Justin enjoys about his job is the fact that even though every auction is different, the process is nearly the same. This gives him confidence because he knows what needs to be done, but he also enjoys the variety and creativity of his work.

Justin is married and is the proud new father of a son born in June 2016. In his free time he likes to spend time with his family or watch sports. 

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Brent Broderick

Auctioneer/Auction Assistant

Brent Broderick was recruited to work with us in March 2016. He received his auctioneer’s license in 2004, and has worked independently, mostly in real estate, personal property and estate sales.

Brent has loved auctions since he was a kid, and continues to nurture that love in his work with us.

Brent has two grown children - a son and a daughter. He lives in Bluffton, where he pursues real estate investing and fixing up homes. He enjoys riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle and is a huge football fan. 

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Angela Sprunger

Controller | Human Resources

Angela is a seasoned Accounting Manager with close to 20 years of accounting experience. She has spent her career in a wide range of industries including banking, manufacturing, healthcare and auctions. While numbers keep her busy during the day, she enjoys playing cards, walking, reading, volunteering and traveling during her non-desk hours.

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Cecilia Espinoza


National Association of Realtors®, State Association of Realtors®, & Local Multiple Listing Service Board.

She is constantly researching the latest technologies, tools and services, to ensure her clients benefit from the best marketing and search products to help with the sale or purchase of a home. Cecilia prides herself on negotiating skills that allow clients interests to be represented in the best possible way. You will get the absolute best price in buying a home, and if selling you will keep as much equity and wealth as possible. Her relationships through residential mortgage lending and loan structuring allow her clients the best options to suit both needs and financial objectives. Mostly she truly enjoys the opportunity to work with great people and help them achieve their dreams!.

Cecilia was previously with Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group Bringing years of experience to Scheerer McCulloch

While at Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group, Cecilia gained nationwide recognition in being in the top 250 top performing Hispanic realtors. 

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Cheryll Iddings

Consignment Assistant

Cheryll has a passion for meeting new people, collecting glass, and photography.  Her background allows her to be a perfect fit for her job. In addition to many years in the business, Cheryll is also a member of the Fenton Art Glass Collectors Club, The Homer Laughlin China Collectors Club, and the Professional Photographers of America. Ask her about how to garden and raise Monarch Butterflies. It’s her secret talent.

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Diana Torres

Project Management Director

Diana Torres is the Project Management Director at Scheerer McCulloch and she works with all aspects of the company, including Real Estate and Consignment. Her main focus is guaranteeing the processes for each project are being handled in the most optimal way possible, and if not, researching and finding the best way to better the process, and in turn, make it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, including our staff, our clients, and our buyers.  Diana takes pride in her work and efficiency, and enjoys making our customers and staff happy.

She has spent the majority of her career in the technology industry, gaining experience in multiple fields, including management and leadership, inventory management, IT, Fulfillment, Client Relations, customer service, and working with the BMV/DMV. Diana is also an alum from the University of Puerto Rico at Bayamón and Purdue University Fort Wayne, where she earned her bachelor’s degree.

Diana also enjoys spending time with her family, reconnecting with her family/ friends from Puerto Rico,  and reading books, gaming, and gardening.

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Jerry Thompson

Shipping Director

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John Smith

Setup Assistant

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Louis Wyatt

Consignment Specialist | Photographer

Louis Wyatt is a former news and sports editor with a background in writing, photography and marketing. A graduate of Purdue University with a degree in professional writing, he has a passion for communications and the arts. At Scheerer McCulloch, he enjoys working with a team of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals, and chatting with clients about the items they like to collect. Outside the auction business, he spends much of his time covering local news and sporting events as a freelance journalist, as well as shooting film cameras.

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Maria Rincon

New Buyer's Assistant

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Michael Polomchak

Moving Operations Manager

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Monica Reed

Research Assistant

Monica Reed is an experienced wood worker, furniture restorer and vintage and antique enthusiast. Driven by a lifelong love of antique and vintage items she takes pride in providing the best customer service and accurate cataloging possible. As a cataloger her goals include accurate, concise and clear descriptions. Monica’s passion for vintage and antiques can be traced back to her youth where she spent significant time going to auctions with her grandfather, and other family members, and learning items histories from her grandparents. As a cataloger she specializes in antique and vintage furniture, clocks, collectibles, and vintage and antique fishing equipment. Monica has worked in the vintage/antique industry for about 10 years, gaining experience in collectibles, art, and antique and vintage furniture. As a seasoned cataloger, she is passionate about advancing knowledge and quality. Outside of the office, Monica enjoys woodworking, fishing, and gardening. 

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Nick Shearer

Senior Relocation Specialist

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Phil Bundy

Chief Operating Officer | Director

For approximately the past 30 years of Philip Bundy’s career, he served in various positions within the banking industry.  A majority of the years in the banking industry, Bundy worked in the commercial lending and private client divisions for local and regional banks and a credit union. 


During his career, Phil was a co-owner and assisted with the management of a quality assurance business that served for a major computer company and numerous manufacturers, with locations in Round Rock, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee.  In addition, Bundy was involved in the potential acquisition of an NHL franchise in the US, but the sale was never finalized. 


Over the years, Phil served on various boards and volunteered for several not-for-profit organizations and his catholic church.  Phil grew up and is a resident in Fort Wayne.  He has been married to his wife for over 29 years and they have six children. 

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Wendy Medrano

Client Relations Specialist

Wendy enjoys meeting new customers and assisting with their needs. Bilingual fluent in Spanish with technology background. Mother of two. Enjoys the Farmers market on the weekend and spending time with her family.

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Tony Covey

Marketing Director

A proud member of the Scheerer McCulloch family, Tony is known for wearing a lot of hats. From advertising to photography and graphic design. He loves the opportunity to combine many aspects of marketing together to help sell homes and bring the most money possible for the company’s clients. He is a proud alum of Purdue Fort Wayne where he received a bachelor’s degree in business marketing. He loves to Geocache™ on nice sunny days and spends a lot of time playing guitar, skateboarding, and gaming.

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Hannah Kahn

Client Relations Specialist

Hannah has 8+ years in multiple areas of customer service, including banking and restaurant work. She loves to meet new people and assist them whenever she can. At home, she is a mom of 2 young ones who keep her busy, but she can find the time, she enjoys watching movies and being creative with her Cricut machine.


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Tim Scheerer


Member IAA,

Partner, Auctioneer, Personal Property Appraiser

Tim became a partner in the company in 2008, when Scheerer McCulloch Auctioneers was formed. He and his wife, Chris, have been in the auction business for over 25 years, and manage our Huntington office. His true passion in the auction business is selling farm land and equipment, and guns. He enjoys the unique items our clients sell through the auction process, and likes meeting new people, as well as seeing our regular auction attendees.

Tim loves spending time with his family and grandchildren. In his own time, he likes shooting and gun collecting.

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Chris Scheerer


Partner, Personal property appraiser

Chris became a partner in the company in 2008, when Scheerer McCulloch Auctioneers was formed. She and her husband, Tim, have been in the auction business for over 25 years, and manage our Huntington office. She loves helping clients from start to finish with smooth transitions. She is always happy to see our auction customers, many of whom she considers friends.

Chris loves reading and home remodeling, but nothing comes close to the joy she gets from spending time with her family. She has been married to Tim Scheerer for 30 years, and they have 4 sons, 2 daughters-in-law and 7 beautiful grandchildren.

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Neal Snyder

Auctioneer/Auction Assistant

Member IAA

Neal has been working with Scheerer McCulloch Auctioneers since 2012. He enjoys meeting new people and setting up and selling all the different merchandise at our auctions. He also loves having the opportunity to help people through benefit auctions in Fort Wayne, Huntington and Andrews, Indiana.

Neal lives in Andrews and enjoys spending time there with his son, Braydon.


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Justin Wiser

Senior Vice-President