Our clients have good things to say about working with us. Here are a few first-hand accounts of how Scheerer McCulloch has provided excellent service and met the specific needs of clients.

Stan Williams, Director of Development, Peabody Home Foundation

Our experience with Tim McCulloch and the rest of the staff at Scheerer McCulloch Auctioneers has been nothing short of tremendously positive. They went above and beyond the call of duty in all respects. They understood our trepidation at selling our collections and antiques that we acquired over many years and became, in many respects, as “children” to us. They patiently answered questions, gave us gentle and informed assurances whenever we needed it, and did everything they possibly could to help us walk confidently through this process. In short, they overcame our apprehension with the utmost in professionalism, courtesy and patience. And the result of their leadership is evident. We broke records for auction prices on our works of art and we nearly doubled our goal for the Peabody Home Foundation’s Endowment Benefit Auction. They exceeded every expectation. We walked away from this experience with the duty to them as our new friends that we will tell of their talents to all who wish to know. So we’re telling you now: When you hire Tim McCulloch and his team, you can rest assured that your decision is the right one!

Kevin Bennett

I found this team to be ultimately professional and efficient. It started with a realistic analysis of the value of our items along with a discussion of what could impact it either way. As it turned out, it greatly exceeded the estimate. This is a group of professionals that made the entire process easy on me. I would highly recommend their services.

Joanne and John Schmutz

Thanks for everything.......we appreciate all that was done by everyone!! And we're also glad it is over and behind us........thank you for making it such an easy process.

Sandy Brough

I’m so pleased with the auction that was held recently to liquidate my husband’s business. Tim McCulloch was knowledgable, professional, courteous, and kind. He knows the customer and the market well, which provided us with a profitable result. The staff at Scheerer Mcculloch are a great support team and were available to me at every turn. I would highly recommend Tim and his staff to anyone who needs their services. You will not be disappointed!

Gordon Walter

From several opportunities to know and work personally with Tim & Lisa McCulloch, I have the highest regard for their care, competence, and professionalism in auctioning personal property. In particular, their planning and conduct of internet auctions demonstrated both technical skill and willingness to apply extra effort to provide accurate and appealing product descriptions. Without hesitation, I would turn to them for help in the future.

Kevin Salge

We recently hired the Scheerer McCulloch Team to sell my fathers estate. The pitch we were thrown seemed very straight forward, honest, and sincere. Something a little uncommon in my experiences. We were told what to expect and how to keep track of all progress. The tools to do this are great! My family from all over the country could watch. Scheerer McCulloch team followed through on every aspect of out contract, and more. The realistic expectations were right on the mark! This was our first auction experience. What a pleasant experience. If ever I have a need, I will do this again with the GREAT TEAM of Scheerer McCulloch.

Brenda Pion and Family for the Robert D Knox Estate

I would like to thank Scheerer McCulloch Auctions (SMA) for all the wonderful help they gave to me and my family with the sale of my brother’s house and property. My brother passed away at the end of September unexpectedly. I had a friend from work tell me that she used your firm when her brother died and she needed to sell his home and personal property, and gave me a wonderful recommendation. I then had a meeting with my attorney, who also had mentioned the Scheerer McCulloch name. At that point, that made up my mind and I made a call to Tim McCulloch. I knew it was asking a lot, but he met me very early the next day at the property, so my other brother from out of state could also hear what he had to say. We all appreciated the time he took to walk us through what needed to be done and gave us a time line if it would work my schedule. Imagine that, someone that would work with my schedule. A few days after that, I met Kevin Sunderland, head of marketing with SMA. My family and I had made great progress with the house, but was still not done. Kevin took his measurements and pictures, offering advise with what items that would be of interest with the personal property, also his thoughts on a speciality item we needed to sell. Time seemed to fly by, and this team of professionals ALWAYS answered my questions and guided me when needed. Justin was at the home for an open house and I had a call promptly after it ended to give me the results. The home sold and my family and I could not be more ecstatic with the outcome. This firm is top notch in my book, and I will pass the word on to anyone that needs this kind of service. Anything from A to Z Scheerer McCulloch Auctioneers is the company of choice. I know I have not mentioned all the people that helped, so for those I have missed, Thank You.

Dwayne Garrett

We had never done an auction before and we were scared to death. We had no idea how it would work, and we were concerned about every single thing. We take good care of our belongings, and we wanted that to come through in the way the auction was set up and displayed. We wanted our things handled carefully. We wanted certain rooms to be off limits to the public, but we wanted the public to show up for the auction! Tim and Lisa kept telling us they’d take care of everything, and that is exactly what happened. We couldn’t believe how nicely the auction areas were set up. The crew was professional and organized and so pleasant to work with. Everything from their uniforms, their computers, their wifi connections, their bid number system, their coordination among each other, the way they provided what we wanted to a “T" - you name it, the whole Scheerer McCulloch experience was fantastic. I wasn’t planning to stay for the auction because I thought things would sell for too little money and I’d get frustrated. I decided to listen during the first item that was auctioned, and when I heard what it sold for, I stayed for the whole thing! We did much better than we expected, and we can’t say enough good things about this company. They did what they said they’d do, and MORE.

Art & Lou Brickman

We recently made the move from Buckingham Condos to the Towne House. We engaged Scheerer McCulloch to move our household and to auction our household goods plus our 2005 Cobalt. Our move was completed in a safe and professional manner to our entire satisfaction. Later our Cobalt was auctioned and I asked for Blue Book price or close to it. To my satisfaction, the Cobalt was sold for more than the Blue Book Value. Our move and the auction was handled in a most satisfying manner by the personnel of Scheerer McCulloch. I can't give any higher recommendation.

Lea Denny, Office Manager/Special Events Coordinator, WBOI

Dear David, What can I say? Wow - thank you. What a HUGE success the event was. We raised more money than last year and the audience was really into you guys. Thank you so much for the time you spent with us ahead of time. I think we finally “get it.” The bookkeeping at the office afterward was so clean. We all are so very appreciative of how you dedicate your time and talent to us. We are honored and most definitely praise the Scheerer McCulloch name for being such a great steward of this community.

Ann & Bob Yager

We would like to thank you for the fine job that you did in selling the home on Duane Dr. What we left you was a tremendous amount of work. We had gone through the house and gathered what we considered to be family heirlooms. What we left consisted of “just a lot of stuff”. The conditions of the bathrooms, kitchen and family room was very bad. And the garage was loaded with “more stuff. When we examined the premises on the day of the auction we were amazed at how well you had organized the salable goods and disposed of the worthless junk. We were also please as the general cleanliness of the house. On the day of the auction we were impressed with the professionalism of your staff. We were surprised when you said that the auction would only take three hours. We anticipated a much longer sale. Your experience in auctioneering provide to be a very accurate estimate in your time allotment. The number of people that attended was a testimonial of your reputation, and the extent of your advertising. We were thankful that your crew organized and removed any unsellable items after the sale. The cleanup was appreciated. Finally, we were impressed with how your company handled all of the legal paperwork during and after the sale. You certainly know your business, it saved us countless hours of legal maneuvering. Thank you again. We are completely satisfied.

Jen Drackley – Chiming Open Lands

Thanks again for Saturday night! As Always, Dave and Stacy knocked it out of the park. The live auction topped the total from last year. The total gross from the event was the most ever! We are thrilled!

Joan Olinghouse

TOTALLY AMAZING. AWESOME. I don’t know how else to describe the job you did helping me move. I have moved 30 times in my life, so I know all about moving. But this was unbelievable! We've lived in Germany, Toronto and many other places. We had my parents’ keepsakes, my husband’s parent’s keepsakes, our own lifetime of belongings - we had a LOT of stuff! Thankfully our kids and grandkids wanted some of it, and you guys even moved those things to where they live in Colorado, Iowa and Ohio before helping us auction the items we wanted to sell. I can’t believe how fast you were and what good work you do. Nothing was broken or damaged, and you went beyond the call of duty in every way. I don’t know how to thank you, but I will highly recommend you to anyone I know who needs to move.

Susan Lazo

I am writing this testimonial to express my gratitude to Tim McCulloch and his staff for the wonderful job they did in auctioning my home, vehicles, and personal belongings. Recognizing it was a very difficult time for me, they all did their best to make the experience a positive one, both financially and emotionally. As a probate paralegal with the law firm, Shambaugh Kast Beck & Williams, I have worked with Tim for many years on behalf of clients auctioning homes and belongings. Tim has earned the trust of the attorneys and staff of our firm. Clients have been very pleased with the outcome of their auctions. I have found that Tim hires only the best staff to work and train under him; he knows this business and has built a reputable company. I had the benefit of knowing about the auction process and already knew Tim to be honest and trustworthy. I have to admit though, even with the trust I had in Tim, when it came down to it being MY house and belongings, it was a bit unnerving! He recognized my apprehension, and was very supportive. He thoroughly explained the options (listing the house vs. auctioning), and I chose the auction route as being best for me. The staff, all courteous, hard-working, and knowledgeable (an extension of Tim), prepared my house and belongings for the sale. Before deciding on auctioning, this task was very daunting for me to even think about doing myself. But all I had to do was pull out items that I wished to keep; they did the rest. The house had minor repairs done and was cleaned. It was immaculate for the two open houses held before the auction. They went through all my personal property two story house, plus basement, garage, and attic – and set up the items for auctioning. It was amazing to see the efficiency and the progression of the preparation of the auction, and I was impressed with the respect in which they treated my belongings. Some items, such as jewelry, were selected by the staff to be sold via their online auction, which was very successful. The morning of the auction, I went to my home one last time. It was very emotional, but the staff helped out by being so caring and kind to me. I was looking for an item that I had previously forgotten about and wanted to pull out before the sale. They helped me search through boxes and boxes of items until we found what I was looking for. This is a professional business, yet the personal touch meant so very much to me. The auction was successful, and everything went exactly the way Tim had suggested it would. He knows this business. In the past, “auctions” may have sometimes had negative connotations. Things change with the times, however. I would encourage anyone considering auctioning to allow Tim to explain the process and maybe even attend a few auctions in order to get familiarized with the process. I highly recommend Tim McCulloch, both personally and professionally.

J. Bergman, New York, NY

I don’t know where to begin thanking the team at Scheerer McCulloch for all their help in transitioning our mother’s estate. They were immediately engaged and extremely responsive all the way through. The level of expertise was stellar from everything to marketing, appraisal, real estate consulting, site preparation and follow up. They became my trusted advisor and I didn’t think this level of service was possible. Thank you all for everything.

Mike and Letty Roeth

There are really just 3 things I want to say about our experience with Scheerer McCulloch Auctioneers: 1. We had decided to downsize significantly when we were in our 50s. We wanted to sell our big house and get rid of most of our stuff. We had no idea how to do it, and ended up putting our house up for sale. We weren’t able to sell it, and at that point were wondering how we would possibly do all the work it would take to sell the house plus get rid of our stuff. (I’m sure there are lots of people in this boat.) 2. That’s when we met Tim. I told him I was trying to find a way to not have to do all this work, and learned from him and Penny how the process would go. We told them that we wanted money by tax day, and it was early January at that point. We travel a ton, and were leaving home for an extended period on January 18. Before we knew it, the auction was scheduled for the end of February. I remember being shocked at how little we had to do. It was such an easy process. We didn’t even have to clean or throw things away - they took care of EVERYTHING. 3. I love the way this company communicates with clients! Their confidential program is easy to download. I even put it on my phone. So while we were traveling, I received feedback on open houses, had questions for them, answered their questions of me, and all while we were gone. There’s nothing to be scared of about it - it’s a breeze. Thank you to Tim, Penny, and all the good people who work for this company. We are happy and relieved to have this behind us, and to realize there is an option like this for all the people in the same situation we were in.

Elois Quinn

I have pondered these many days to find the words to express my appreciation. A note of thanks was sent to Jane for her sending you to me. Your role of facilitator of many blessings you bring into the lives you encounter reach beyond what you are aware. I am fortunate to be one of them. I shall be thinking loving thoughts for your continuing success.

Jan Evrard

I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the services you supply to my clients. I have called you on several occasions with requests to sell homes and contents, as well as simply to move personal items, and you have always responded quickly. What seems overwhelming to me, looks easy when put in your hands and all those working with you. I know that you could not get this all done without an excellent staff, and I am sorry that I don’t know more of them by name. I primarily have contact with Cristy Baumle, and I am never disappointed in her abilities and willingness to be of help. I have seen houses that were in shambles, organized and cleaned and ready for auction within a short period of time, and this cannot happen without great people working for you. I applaud all of them. Thank you again for being a trusted source for auctions, both local and international, and senior relocation services.

Art and Pat Beckman

Being a complete stranger in Fort Wayne and faced with all the ‘stuff’ from four generations of family was truly overwhelming. Your sincere, honest understanding and compassionate expertise was deeply appreciated by my wife and myself. I have dealt in the business world for well over 40 years and only rarely do you have the pleasure of working with people of integrity like McCulloch Systems.

Katie Poore

Everyone connected with Scheerer McCulloch Auctioneers was wonderful. They accomplished, within days, the total organization and clearing out of non-sellable items and from their hard work came an auction that brought in more than I expected. Everyone connected with this company is a pleasure to deal with and made my first auction easy and actually enjoyable.

Dick Morris

Linda and I are so pleased that we chose to take advantage of your “Senior Relocation Services” with respect to our move to Lutheran Life Villages Independent Living facility. Your staff is excellent! Each person (and there were many) was competent, professional and friendly. We appreciate that you clearly explained your services and what they would cost. Also you made sure that we were comfortable with the dynamics of auctioning our possessions and our home. There were no surprises! Tim, you have a great product, and we are touting it to our friends and acquaintances.

Marcille D. Buuck, Trust Assistant – Wells Fargo

Your employees were absolutely outstanding throughout the entire process, with the way they appropriately took charge, their professional manner, their calmness…and their very careful handling of the property being moved, and much, much more. They were just terrific.

Nancy Flaugh

Before my husband passed away, he advised me to contact Tim Scheerer to help me dispose of his personal collections. He assured me that Tim would be fair and trustworthy. And he was all that and more. Tim and his wife, Chris, came to the house and met with my family to discuss the auction process and what I could expect in terms and services. Everything was very straight forward and uncomplicated. I immediately felt that “trust” connection with them. The auction required many months, days and hours of preparation. Tim and Chris were very responsive to my calls and concerns . Their employees were polite, respectful and hard working. I was very satisfied with the results of the auction. They hauled off the left-overs the next day and cleaned-up the interior of the building…..I couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience.

Herb and Barb Perlich

We thought that your process was excellent. We are quite pleased. The communication was excellent. That was very important to us, since we are in Texas and were monitoring the progress remotely. We were also very pleased that you all, especially the moving team, were very cognizant of who you were dealing with, being an elderly person. Everything was done respectfully and with courtesy. And even to the closing of his house, when your team came to him to make the closing process very easy. We are very satisfied and would recommend you all to everyone. We wish you were in Texas so we could utilize your services here! Thanks again to everyone on the team.

Mark Linden - Executive Director, Exeter House / Fred Lind Manor - Seattle, Washington

I currently serve as the director for a senior living facility. I have used a packing service as well as a moving service for many residents so am aware of the details that are needed to pull off a successful move of a senior resident. I would like to take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude for Tim McCulloch and his team for an outstanding move and relocation of my mother. From the first conversation I had with Tim over a distance of several thousand miles to the first face to face conversation and all the discussions thereafter, Tim and his team have never wavered from excellence in service and kindness. The packing and moving team were very respectful of my mom during the process, answering her questions, taking such great care of her items. The entire real estate process was burden free for her and the rest of the family. All the details taken care of as promised. Even return trips to her new home to dispose of packing materials, adjusting equipment and event trying to find a few things. The web site and project management software are great tools to take advantage of as they keep you informed every step of the way. To top it all off the results of the sale were much greater than anticipated. I am confident that if you choose to avail yourself of his services you will be very pleased and the stress of moving, especially if for aging parents virtually goes away. This was truly a great experience for our family and exemplifies what great service is all about.

Jonah Crismore, Executive Director - Cinema Center

Cinema Center's annual Oscar Party fundraiser was a fantastic success because of the auction expertise led by Scheerer McCulloch. We cannot wait to work with this fantastic company again.

Jess B. Ford, CPA

My family had not been through this process previously and David was very patient in addressing all our trepidations and uncertainties. The proceeds from the auction were greater than the estimates that were provided to us and the expenses were as budgeted. Being a financial guy, these are things I appreciate very much.

Jim Bishop

Great people! Easy to work with and very customer focused!

Bethany Dick

Great people great business! They do an excellent job!

Barbara and Jim Pettigrew

Just a note to thank you for your expert assistance in downsizing our “stuff” by way of your internet auction services. We enjoyed meeting both of you and appreciated your professional handling of a lot of very fragile possessions accumulated over the last 50+ years. The auction was fun to watch online and we also were pleased to timely receive the proceeds from the sale.

Peter Dominowski, President and General Manager at WBOI

This year’s Picked by the Pros Wine Pairing Dinner was the most successful yet. With your participation and generosity, we raised 36% more funding for our programming than in 2015! Your support allows 89.1 WBOI to continue to provide our community with quality public radio news and music programming - on-air and online. We are especially grateful for the wonderful response to our Fund-A-Need at the end of the evening. Support nearly doubled from last year, so the station will be providing our news staff with upgraded equipment to bring you even more high-quality, in-depth statewide and regional news coverage. Again, thank you for your attendance and support. This is our major fundraiser of the year, and you made it a rousing success.

Chuck Zent - Ann Arbor, MI

I used Scheerer McCulloch Auctioneers, Inc. to monetize a vast array of items in my mother’s home in Fort Wayne when she moved to a much smaller condo in Cincinnati – paintings, china, crystal, silver, clothing and a variety of other goods. Tim and Lisa McCulloch were a pleasure to deal with. They are knowledgeable, professional, and entirely trustworthy. They made the process simple, transparent, and profitable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to anyone.

Cathy Miller

McCulloch Systems, Inc. Thank you for all of your wonderful help in selling our property in Huntington, Indiana. It was so nice doing business with you and the entire experience reminds me that it's not about the journey, but about the friends one meets along the way. Thank you for being so very friendly and helpful. Please know that you have been a huge asset in this adventure and a pleasure to work with in this mess we inherited. Bouquets to you all from afar. Best wishes to you all for your continued success.

Jason Gardner

I have been going to auctions in the Fort Wayne and Auburn area for about 9 months and it has been an awesome experience. Apart from finding very rare and unique items at every auction you also get the excitement of the auction itself. It truly is an experience and something you won’t forget. I have had many experiences that were not good with different auction companies. Many times it boils down to the customer not coming first or feeling valued. There are companies that seem to just provide an auction, collect the money, and then send everyone home. I can honestly say I have never had that experience at a Scheerer McCulloch auction. Scheerer McCulloch has always provided a great auction experience for me. The Scheerer McCulloch team if friendly, funny, and helpful throughout the whole experience. It truly is a great time and I guarantee you will laugh or smile a good amount of the time you are there. The fact that they care about their customers after auctions to pick things up, or just talking with you like you’re a part of their family really makes the different. In my mind Scheerer McCulloch is a 5 star auction company and worth going to over any other auction. You will get great communication, honesty and an awesome experience!

Carol Hemdal

We were connected with Scheerer McCulloch by our attorney who handed me the business card of Stephen Baines when I inquired if he could suggest a realtor to help me sell my Mother’s house and property. Mr Baines was not pushy but would touch base with me every 2-3 weeks by e-mail and just inquire as to how I was doing. When I was ready, I set up an appointment to have Mr. Baines view the property and give suggestions. Mr. Baines brought Tim McCulloch with him and they laid out what they could do for us. Their plan was so well done and presented in a way that convinced us that everything would be handled for us. When I signed the contract, I was assured that from that moment on, every detail would be handled by Scheerer McCulloch and their team. The daily e-mails kept me fully informed about the progress of the project. I didn’t have to stress about any details. Their promise to handle everything was fulfilled. At the auction they had abundant staff to handle every detail, even a food truck and police officer available. It all progressed like a well-oiled machine. Our only disappointment was, there was not a huge crowd that day but that was not in any way a reflection on Scheerer McCulloch. The economy in the area is not good. At the closing, Penny was there to guide me through the process, and that also went very well. I am so grateful for the Scheerer McCulloch team for their guidance and help. We are telling all our friends about this team of professionals that are so caring and will continue to do so. Thank you so much.

Jan & Bill Gillig

Dear Tim, Just a note to let you know how grateful we are for the easy transition your guys did in helping us move. They were so great & professional in their job. Thanks Again!

Jim Rousseau

I would personally like to thank Tim McCulloch and his staff for doing such a fine job at the auction of my mother’s belongings. Everything was very well organized and was conducted in a timely fashion. This was a difficult time for me having lost my mother, and I was especially impressed by the understanding and respect that the staff had for me and for my mother’s items. Anything that was thought to be of a personal nature was saved for me in case that I might want to keep it. Without reservation, I would recommend Tim and his staff to anyone who needs to have an auction. I don’t know how it could have been better. Once again, thank you so much. You were a blessing to me and my family.

Larry Shelly Adams

Very professional, polite and organized business. Thanks so much for a great auction!

Beth Bogel Frank

From the minute I made the first phone call to Tim McCulloch, to inquire about selling my father's house and contents, I was totally impressed. I live in Oklahoma, so I knew that trying to do this on my own would be way too stressful. The first meeting with Tim was wonderful. Everything that was discussed at that meeting was exactly what transpired. All of his employees were amazing. The way that they "keep you in the loop", daily, is amazing. I can't imagine going through the death of my father and selling his home with any other company! I am so grateful to have found Scheerer McCulloch Auctioneers!!

Ruth Proctor

When my brother passed away I was, as his personal representative, responsible for disposing of his estate, including the personal property as well as the real estate. My lawyer encouraged me to talk with Tim McCulloch at Scheerer McCulloch Auctioneers, saying that he was very experienced in this type of thing. I must admit that I was somewhat leary about going the auction route, but called Tim anyway. He met with me very quickly and explained everything as to how the auction would work, what I could expect in the way of expenses and profit, and the time frame that would be required for preparation, advertising and so forth. Tim was honest and on target with his appraisal, and very helpful, all with a great sense of humor. Long story short, I did decide to “go the auction route” and I’m very glad I did. I found Scheerer McCulloch to be very accommodating and professional in every aspect of the process. All the employees with whom I had contact proved to be friendly, trustworthy and efficient. The auction was an easy and effective way to dispose of my brother’s property. I really appreciated having Scheerer McCulloch Auctioneers recommended to me and would recommend them to others without reservation.

Arnita & Marvin Schroeder

We were very pleased to have Tim McCulloch and his crew auction our home. They were all very professional and courteous. We got a great price for our home, even though we didn’t spend any money to fix it up. That surprised us a lot. In a very short amount of time, we made the decision to move, sold our home and got moved into our retirement community. This was a big load off of us, and we were very happy to have Scheerer McCulloch help us.

Michele Taylor

Though my grandmother is still living, I needed to help her manage her estate. She had a home to sell, and it needed some pretty significant remodeling. The home was full of my grandmother’s belongings, and I wasn’t sure what to do with all of it. I met with several companies about how to achieve all that needed to happen, but I wasn’t happy with what I learned from them. Then I was referred to Scheerer McCulloch Auctioneers. This is not an option I would have considered before, but I’m so glad I did. When I met with Tim McCulloch, he listened to me. He got the fact that I needed help with everything. He was kind, professional and funny, and he earned my trust by knowing exactly what needed to happen. His company is set up to handle everything, and they gave me confidence in my decision to work with them by communication with me every step of the way. There were no surprises. On the day of the auction, I was nervous, but the staff was so nice, upbeat and organized. I felt comfortable that it would go well, and it did. I found a nice new owner, and was happy with the financial outcome of the auction. It’s an emotional experience to manage an estate like this, but Scheerer McCulloch Auctioneers handles the entire process with sensitivity and absolute know-how. I told them after the auction that I would be happy to share this story with anyone, because I know what a difference it has made for me and my family.

Trevor Knowles

Thank you and your team for such a professional sale today. My parents were happy with the results! Your team was very professional with high energy maximizing their profit for their next journey in life. I highly recommend your team for anyone who is in need of an auction. We had a great time today! By far happier with your response to such a big step compared to other competitors who were lacking to see the potential in this sale. You Rock!

Blake Egly

Took care of a friend's estate for me, great group to work with! I highly recommend them!

Ruth A. Force, MS, LSW, CMC - Aging Life Care Director, Dorian Maples Associates

Scheerer McCulloch has supported our clients for several years now. We could not be more pleased with the level of respect they show our clients and their property. Working with them in the capacity of a legal representative, I can attest to their professionalism in preparing the home and items for auction. The detail that goes into this process is taken over by Tim and his team, leaving us to focus on other aspects of our clients’ care. We find it hassle free and beneficial for all involved. We will not hesitate to use their service in the future!

Joseph A. Byers, iAB Wealth Management

We were very pleased from start to finish with the estate auction handled on behalf of the Wealth Management Division of iAB Financial Bank. Tim & Dave were there every step of the way to assist us in preparing the house and personal property for sale. They took care of everything from A to Z. The day of the sale was absolutely seamless. Really all we had to do was be present and grateful for how well the sale went. I can’t thank you all enough for being so dependable and for creating such a great outcome for iAB and our client.

Mary Kay and Gene Brock

I want to let everyone at Scheerer McCulloch Auctioneers know how well we think everything went on our auction. From the office workers to everyone else, we thought your staff was great. They do get busy sometimes, but they always got back to us when we needed to talk. As for the auction, it went very well. We got more for our house than we thought we would. That made up for getting less for our car than we expected. All in all, the results were great and we were very happy!

Dave Pemberton

Thank you to Tim and his crew for all their hard work on my auction. I placed everything in Tim's hands and he didn't let me down. Thanks again.

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